Gutenberg review

We made gutenberg for our new theme. For few weeks is under review and receive to fix.

Now from 3times, reviewer send me the same and said that is not fixed.

We tested on many laptops, pc, tablet, browsers and looks great. What to do if this issue is only on reviewer? I explain, send printscreen, video…

We test also with or without plugins enabled, all demo imported


On our tests both are the same in look


Did you try wordpress theme unit testing?


Unit testing- yes
gutenberg plugin - yes
CoBlocks - yes
Debug Bar - yes
Envato Theme Check - yes
Gutenberg Block Unit Test - yes
Monster Widget - yes

From my dev

from site


Can you tell me please regarding this:
3. This is custom and needs to be prefixed
wp_enqueue_style(‘gutenberg’, MYTHEME_CSS_URI . ‘/gutenberg.css’);

made to this

wp_enqueue_style(‘mytheme-gutenberg’, MYTHEME_CSS_URI . ‘/gutenberg.css’);

mytheme is as default, i will add theme’s name

Thank you

I’m afraid I cannot help you. Gutenberg is a real pain. I have three setups for unit testing and the same imported data have 3 different html markups in those three setups :(.

Let me check if you can send your file in pm

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I find why.

Plugin gutenberg have an issue and I fix it.

I will upload today.

Good luck