Reject: Gutenberg compatibility with WordPress theme


We’re keep getting the same reject reason from reviewer about Gutenberg compatibility - Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 12.15.17.png • Droplr

However we have tested everything many times and can’t detect the same issue. Gutenberg editor has changed a lot in a recent years and some markup may not be identical with all versions. Some old versions may leave old classes that can affect the style of the cover block. We are testing everything with the new version which makes sense for a new users.

Is it possible that reviewer is using an old version which has some “left-over” classes? We tried to provide screenshots with the proof that all the cover block styled correctly in our tests, but reviewer keeps ignoring it.

How to deal with this concern?

We had similar problems with reviewer.
Only after fifth time of explaining that Unit Test is not correct in a such things, because in backend it has this class or inline style and in frontend another, the reviewer skipped it.

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as @MaitreArt stated, you will need to test the theme with theme test unit. You will notice the problems ( design ) after

Just to understand which parts are important or broken, you can use default WordPress theme and see the results

That’s the problem here, we’re testing with Theme Unit Test and Block Unit Test for Gutenberg as they recommend and everything appears normal in our tests. As @MaitreArt mentioned because in editor there are some inline classes generated by Gutenberg which later on removed in the new versions, however the classes remain on the block and cause broken style.

Sorry, I haven’t noticed that you have not only issue with cover block. Look at your paragraphs, they must be the same, there is no any inline styles or classes, so make sure to fix it before uploading again.

I actually did a few test today. I installed old WordPress 5.0 added Cover Block then updated to the recent 5.7 and the color of the text became grey. The reason is in the new version of Gutenberg there is additional div wrapper with the property color: #fff on it and this div will appear only if you save the post, so the old markup will be updated.

Reviewer is testing without updating the post, therefore he has an old markup in the front-end, but the new markup in the editor.

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You can upload your theme as not Gutenberg supported. After its approval, you can fix Gutenberg styles and upload the update. It’s easier than full theme review.

We finally passed the review with some CSS remarks to support both old and new Gutenberg:

.wp-block-cover {
margin: 0 0 1.5em;
font-size: 1rem;
line-height: 1.3;
color: #fff;