Got Rejected & Need Feedback

hey i’m a beginner author and evanto rejected two tracks that i uploaded but they didn’t send me an email or feedback, will you tell me whats wrong with my tracks.I would really appreciate your help.

edit: the beginning of the track that i uploaded has a problem for some reason but the normal version isn’t like that

Hello! :slight_smile:
I think the songwriting is good, you have solid ideas to present!

In the first track I think the piano has its own reverb? It sounds a bit too wet compared to what comes afterwards. The percussion is perfect but the strings on top don’t go very well with it. I would start with a minimal percussion to build for a big climax. The french horn sounds kinda robotic, the notes can at some places be shorter to emulate a real player. Also same goes for the piano notes, the velocity can be varied a bit.

I would take the reverb off the piano completely and work on sending the instruments I want reverb on to 1 buss so you can have a more coherent mix. Also the cymbal can be EQ’d to sound less harsh.

In the 2nd track I would play with the expression on the horn and the cello as well. At 0:48 the stop is too sudden, no fx to introduce it and no fx on top of it. I love the introduction of string ensemble here a lot.

In general I would tend to leave a bit of pauses here and there to make the track more flexible for the editor to work with. (just a personal preference)

Again, your music is great really and I admire how you write your percussion! You can make a lot of inspirational tracks in the future. I noticed you’re following Daniel James and Alex. Good that you are watching their videos, I always worked on a lot of tracks and thought they’re perfect; Compared them with other pros’ work and realized some things are missing

Listen and listen a lot, practice and make as many tracks as you can and I promise you will see a lot of improvement in a very short amount of time! :wink:

Best of luck!


thank you for your great feedback i wasn’t really feeling well after the rejections but your reply inspired me to make more tracks :slight_smile:


We all go through this, mate! I suffered from a bunch of rejections and took it personally which only made me focus less to be honest. Focus on your strengths and just keep in mind you are already a few steps ahead of many people. You got this! :wink: