Got Rejected...Again

Hi guys! I’ve uploaded 3 items so far! And none(!!!) of them was accepted.
After the first rejection I thought: ok, mb I’m doing smth wrong, lets try to make it better.
And started to search all info I could find about why any track could be rejected on AJ.
My research gave me some additional info and I’ve changed some of my workflow.
But implementing all my new knowledge didn’t help cause I got 2 more rejections!
Now I’m completely confused! What am I doing wrong? All parameters are ok (LUFS (-12-10 integrated), RMS(-10-6), TP(-0.5)) but the only thing they say is - “doesn’t meet the general commercial quality”!
What does that mean? Is it about arrangment, mixing, mastering or smth else I’m not even familiar with in the sound producing world, cause this is my first time!
Please help!

This is the link to my 3 tracks!

Thanks in advance!


Please check it, I hope its help you :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Complete your track. As I know in the last two years, the piano in the track is extremely rarely accepted. Need a full arrangement (more musical instruments, more development). Also give culmination at the beginning of the track (preferably not higher than 0:20).
Good luck!

P.S. This is not a primary goal, but a secondary.

I’ve heard tracks of much worse quality in every sense that have been accepted.

I stopped trusting people who are called "reviewers"here long ago. I also get permanent rejections. Here’s a clear example of the irresponsibility of these people: I uploaded a track that began to gain momentum (sales) I noted it for myself and started making similar tracks, but the reviewers rejected one, Okay. I made another-again refusal). as a result, my nervous system broke down and I deleted the entire portfolio.

Tracks that are rejected by AJ reviewers have sales on other sites. And I’m tormented by one question: does Envato exist to make money? I am sure that the refusal received tracks that could bring satisfaction to customers and money for the author and the company, but we will wait for 15 - 20 days to get a refusal.

I really hope that in the near future Envato employees will realize the real reason for the decline in demand for music and will implement a system where commercial value will be determined by customers.

My last track which was rejected today: the Track had structure, quality, arrangement, etc. Completely corresponding to inquiries, but alas the reviewer decided that I am not worthy…

Don’t worry, I’ve sent more than twenty items before I got approved, and six months passed from the first submission. As for the reasons for rejection you never know, sometimes I take a rejected item, I mute an instrument that is a bit disonant or slightly over distorted and it gets accepted. It’s important to understand the structure needed, if you analize approved items, specially top selling ones, you will eventually get it.