Good mouse for graphic designers?


Must be one that can be purchased in Italy.

Thank you


Got it and love it, everything else is like a toy compared to this mouse (rat) :slight_smile:




This one’s the best for your health :


What’s the advantage of using a tablet? I am using a mouse at the moment but most of the artists seem to enjoy working with a pen. I’d love to try it too.


thank you for the answers, the rat looks fantastic I seen one similar when I had searched for a mouse yesterday maybe RAT 3 or something but this one 5600dpi :slight_smile: how the materials feel to the touch?

the vertical one is interesting, the motive I want a new mouse is because I feel a light pain at my hand wrist, my old mouse is not precise enough and it takes me too long to move precisely to some point (those damn after effects little arrows to open and close an option tree). do you have that vertical one?

Logitech remains my fall back choice, since the mouse I have now is from them and it worked with no problems for a couple of years.

@InlifeThrill I have a tablet, I use it for drawing in Photoshop and Illustrator but I can’t get used with it to navigate around or work in after effects because you need to constantly keep the pen at a certain distance from the tablet and also you need to move too much the hand around. But is good to have one in your workflow. I’m speaking about the normal tablets not those with screens that you can directly draw on them. maybe these are better


Material is great, it’s very smooth and your fingers don’t slip at all :slight_smile: I wouldn’t go for RAT3, RAT5 is a lot better option although it doesn’t have as much options for customization as the 7. I love the 4 DPI presets which you can set manually and switch on the fly. I have the lowest setting at 400DPI for precise movement, next is 1000DPI for general work in windows and so on. Really useful stuff :slight_smile:


Hi, all.
I using tablet wacom. The work whit pen is very easy and very cool. But you have time to get used to.

ArtTiculas said

Hi, all.
I using tablet wacom. The work whit pen is very easy and very cool. But you have time to get used to.

so what are you saying is that I should invest some time to get used with the tablet instead of buying a high resolution dpi mouse? Do you use the tablet for all the work on computer or just for drawings?


if the question is about graphic designer, surely a pen tablet. cause no mouse can draw as best a the hand


I use a wacom tablet for 70-80% of my designs ( As Artticulas said it takes some time to get used to it… but when you do you can’t do without it. Very handy, practical and precise. My opinion and some fellow designers i know is that tablet is a time saver and get’s your design to the next level… Even better offcourse are these babies but they cost a “little bit” more…

Doru if you feel pain in your wrist while you work…be carefull man. Take a rest or holidays. I had pain in my wrist last june and in the end i went to hospital and they put my hand in plaster for a month. It’s called “Disease Carpal Tunnel”. Disease of computer people (repeated moves). After that i changed to tablet and when i use keyboard/mouse i always have a special pillow under my wrists. (


thank you for the warning Bogz, I will take a pause for a couple of days and then I will start using the tablet


Can’t recommend a tablet highly enough. Totally the way to go.