Wacom tablets on a PC with Adobe?

Hi guys, I’m planning to get a Wacom for the first time. Just saw a review of this one - https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/wacom-intuos-art-pen-and-touch-medium-graphics-tablet-black-a74ua

… saying they found it was very slow and buggy with adobe software. So just want to ask, does anyone have good or bad experiences using wacom tablets with adobe on a PC?


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I don’t have one, but I know someone who is a professional tattoo artist who previously used one with her PC.

I know her computer had fairly high specs (and I can’t say I ever watched over her shoulder)- but I know she used to rave about how much she loved it. Certainly no complaints.

She’s since upgraded from a pen tablet to a pen computer (which she says is the best option by far, but not cheap).


Wacom are the industry standard brand. It’ll work well with Adobe. They will have been intensively tested together as as it a very common combination.

How much you spend depends on the features you want and size basically. Personally, I would say big is nice. I wouldn’t necessarily stretch for some of the fancy features. You’ll likely be limited by your ability for a long time before you become limited by the tablet itself. Certainly still true for me and mine is pretty basic.


I also have wacom tablet but you can work on adobe, it’s good tablet for draw, I love my tablet wacom :slight_smile: regards.