Best Mouse For Graphic Design

Hello Everyone. Recently I purchased my computer. Need suggestions of you guys in choosing mouse. My main concern is related to graphics desigining. Waiting for suggestions.

Logitech MX Master. Without a doubt. King of mice! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Logitech G602

My budget is no more than 60$. Which one is best in this budget?


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Not quite enough to get the G602 or the MX Master. If it needs to be under $60 then I’d go for an M705 Marathon or an MX Anywhere. Still decent quality and performance, there’s just less buttons when it comes to customization. You save a bunch of time mapping keyboard shortcuts to your buttons.

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+1 MX Anywhere is definitely the better choice. Offers 3 device connection, which is another huge plus! Plus the scroll wheel and the sensor is only slightly less powerful than the Master series.

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I got G502 hero when it first came out. Honestly, it is not worth it. I would say avoid Logitech till they fix their double clicking issue which is an issue you will almost certainly run into with any high end Logitech mouse.

g502 hero is best