Ghost Item in AudioJungle Search?

Hello everybody! Today I’ve noticed some strange thing.
I’ve got an item, it was approved less than a month ago, it already has 8 sales and only a few days ago it definetely was on the first page of AudioJungle Seach page if you enter there “upbeat corporate” request without any additional filters. But now I’ve checked all the 60 pages of this request in three different browsers and couldn’t find the item.
BUT if I click this link - ( that is actually the SAME request as above that I just copied from browser and pasted here then I can see my item on the first page (in the very end of it, so it can be on the second page soon)!

Here’s the item:

Some kind of magic. How could it be like that? I’m definetely sure it shouldn’t be like that. And I think things like that can dramatically affect sales. Somebody from Envato, can you please resolve this issue?

Also I’ll put here screenshots. Note the number of items found also.
1) Firts is when you enter the request by yourslef (120,327 items):

2) The second is when you click the link (120,330 items):

On mobile it comes up as the last item on the first page.

Hello @studio_az I just make a search by “upbeat corporate” without any other filter and your track are at first page is the very last track.
I’m using firefox on windows.

@AlisterBunclark, @DynaMIC-Sound-Produc Thank you guys for quick response. I’m glad that at least you can find it! :slightly_smiling_face:
I was checking in Chrome, Mozilla and Opera on Windows, browser cache was cleared.

Hi everyone again, same thing happened again with a different item of mine. Can anybody explain, please? Can anybody from Envato, please, pay attention to this? Is it as a bug? Because in other accounts and on mobile the situation is very similar: I can see my item only if I choose “Full version of the page” in the settings of my browser. Otherwise there is no my item seen.
1) This is when I type in Future Bass in the search field by hand:

2) This is when I click the same link (

I analyzed one more factor - both of these cases happened in the first 2-3 hours after a sale of an item took place. After these 2-3 hours passed I noticed the situation normalized in both cases and I could finally see my items.
May be you guys also try to track down your items after sales and tell in this topic if you experience such things or not.