Getting "Type product does not exist.." error when trying to import json file in template kit

I downloaded a woo commerce template kit and two of the json files will not import. When I try to import it just takes me to a screen that reads:

Type product does not exist…

How do I resolve? TY


You should contact the author for help. They should be able to guide you

That’s the problem. I downloaded off Envato (not ThemeForest) and can’t find the Author and it just says “Personalized support not included”. I have no contact info for the author.

This is the template kit I am using.


The authors page is here:

If you contact them on that page they might assist you.

With elements then they do not offer support in the same way. This is made clear when registering on elements (see screenshot below)


This kit requires Elementor Pro and WooCommerce. Both plugins must be installed and activated for the kit to import Pro template types which include header, footer, single product etc. The requirements are outlined in the item description.