Getting started tutorials for HTML templates

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to choose an HTML website template to purchase and a big factor is being able to use it with little experience. I found some tutorials for Karma but so far I cant find any good ones for the other most popular templates such as Canvas, Metronic, stack, Porto and Polo.

Do you know of good, responsive HTML templates that have good tutorials to make it easy getting started?

I’ll be building mostly small business websites and I have a basic knowledge of how web design works. I’ve been using dreamweaver some, but never used any templates. I’m hoping they’ll save me some time.

Karma tutorials for reference:

Thanks, Bob

All templates will have documentation which will cover certain features but very few if any will have extensive “how to” type tutorials etc. Or that which covers the basics development and design.

There is an assumed level of knowledge when buying any technical product which is the same when buying a website template.

Dreamweaver is ok assuming you are editing code but the design and WYSIWYG is pretty useless with the advanced or latest files bought here.

If you are starting out you may find WordPress easier to use.

Thank you Charlie,

I’m not starting I’ve just never used templates and didnt know what to expect to come in the download. I thought it may be some kind of proprietary stuff that would be different from one seller to another.
I watched the Karma videos and their template is just a collection of html pages and dummy content. The videos just went through choosing pages and changing links, then changing out the dummy images and text. I guess that’s what they all are?

I’ve started to learn Wordpress but it seems like another world and I dont have a lot of time to learn it all right now.
I’ve read that Canvas is a “blank canvas” so I was concerned that it would require beyond basic development to us it and I couldnt find much about the others. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.

I made these simple / outdated websites, so I know the basics.