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I bought a theme (Signy) that I like very much, except for the way it shows custom posts on the home page (it supports main, list and masonry views). Problem is that the theme does support custom post types (audio, video, quotes, links etc.) but it doesn’t show those kind of post like I would like. Instead of showing the quote or the audio controls on the home page, it just shows the featured image.

I am looking for a way (most probably a plugin) that allows me to use custom post types, show them in masonry view on my homepage, with the specific custom content. So for a quote post I want to see the quote in the masonry view, etc., NOT simply a featured image.

Does anybody know of a way to get that done? Hope to hear from you!

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This looks like a post for my favourite mad scientist: @contrastblack.


Hey @MetMarc1 there’s the easy way, and the safe way. Using a plugin to override the way the theme works may allow you to achieve that, but it may lead to other conflicts breaking features you’re relying on, or incompatibility once an update to either the theme or the plugin is performed. If you’re specifically only looking at displaying quotes, you could always upload the quote as a featured image. Not the most straightforward solution, but certainly the easiest to test out :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t tried this out, you should check in with the author (@VictorThemes) as they’re in the best position to advise on achieving this using the respective theme. Good luck!

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Thanks for your replies. I found this Iks Grid plugin, and after some custom code from the very helpful developer I got it working great.

I did ask the theme developer, but he has no immediate plans to add this feature, so I am happy with this solution. Thanks again for your thoughts.

This request can be closed for me now.