An intuitive masonry / list theme ?

I am looking for a forum theme that is intuitive and content focus. The posts should be shown as card / masonry type, or intuitive list type.
Is there any forum theme like that for Wordpress, or any theme that can be easily tweak to become one? The closet I have found till now is THE FAMLY theme, but it is for blog, not forum,
Do anyone have any ideas? hank you very much :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate more on what you mean in regards to Card/Masonry?

thank you
as you can see, I have uploaded several images. I would like to make the post in the forums shown like that, not the type of boring traditional list .:slight_smile:

Hi toite3

Firstly I am not a WP guy, but Masonry IS included in the base WP download so should not be too difficult to integrate into any theme, however, you might also consider isotope (another of David DeSandro’s products) similar to masonry BUT also allows filtering and sorting I actually use isotope quite a bit and it’s fun as well as being ‘appealing’

Hi Kwikbitzonline,
thank you for your reply
I understand that it is easy to make a wordpress page become masonry type. But I am looking for a forum theme, like bbpress theme or how to tweak bbpress UI so that the post in the forum appear like that, Do you know any way to do that :slight_smile:
thank you very much :slight_smile:

You need custom work. In case of interest, you can use the form to contact me: