Get theme fixed - refund is no justice

I buy themes from Themeforest for small time clients. Usually I’ve been very satisfied with the themes. However my latest experience has been painful and I am out of words to express the same.

I purchase the [Removed]. From the looks of it, the theme looked fantastic. I had several discussions with the author regarding some changes. After full clarification, I went ahead and bought the theme. However the nightmare started after that.

The theme is coded using a page builder. The builder is SO bad that I cannot explain. The category page (now shown as sub-section) is coded using page builder. I bought the theme based on design of the layout. I raised the complaint with theme forest. While they agreed that the category page should not have been built using page builder but should have been coded, they REFUSED to ask the author to change. While they accepted that it was wrong misrepresentation they still refused to knock the theme down or ask the developer to make the change. All that they could offer me was a refund.

I am requesting my friends on this platform to make this a movement against authors. They should be brought to task and be asked to make edits when it’s a misrepresentation. I lost my client due to this.

Any feedback/suggestions would be welcome.

Kind Regards,

Jus t to be clear did the theme advertise (irrelevant of it being right or wrong) that the category page was coded rather than built using a page builder?

I don;t totally understand the issue - can you not replicate what you want or what’s in the demo using the page builder? It seems like there are numerous options for these “sub-section” or category layouts?

If the problem is a matter of what would be better practice rather than the demo showing one thing which is then not possible once purchased then it would make sense that the only option is a refund

Hi @charlie4282,
No the theme in no way advertised that the category page (Now shown as sub section) was built using page builder.

Until I raised the issue to TF, it was always as category. They too accepted that the category should not have been built using page builder but should have been coded. I don’t understand how is refund the only option?

If you were my client would you have settled for it? TF should force authors to code in the manner it is supposed to be coded. Even the footer is a page slug using page builder. If I don’t use the page slug the layout is horrible. How is this justice?

If it’s not allowed, then this should be picked up at the point of review. If it’s not picked up for whatever reason, as seems to be the case here… then the only options are to keep the item up or take it down, and/or to provide you with a refund.

Nobody can force anybody to edit the item if they don’t want to, though. I mean, what type of force did you have in mind?

The only reason I am asking is that if the theme operates as it does in the demo then right or wrong practice it is technically not “broken” which would be a requirement for a refund.

I am no debating the rights/wrongs of using a builder for the category page (although I would expect there are those who may like this option given it exists as part of Divi and such like), but I am assuming you can still mirror the category pages as they are in the demo by using the page builder?

As far as client work goes - with respect to anyone using items from here for client work, that’s not the author or envato’s responsibility and lies 100% with the buyer.

I would hope that anyone using stock items is making that very clear with their client which would mean that they could go back and explain that it is something generated by a third party and therefore beyond their control, as is sometimes the case with issues around updates, customizations etc.

Will your client know either way? Have you gone to them and explained your concern and the cause?

Again I do sympathise in this case but unless I am misunderstanding you, and if it still works as advertisied then I can see why envato would not ask the author to amend it.