get/buy demo images in the theme I purchased


This is the theme I just purchased and I love it. I’d like to buy or get the demo images in this theme (right now they say demo or are blurry):

Are these images on the envato subscriptions?

Thank you kindly!


Near the bottom of the item page they say;

IMPORTANT NOTE: All presented, demonstrated layouts has been prepared for only show you visually how capable of and what can you do with it in different industries. Used images in previews such as slider images, thumbnail, all conceptual images or videos NOT INCLUDED in the package due to copyright issues.

If you’d like to buy stock materials that used on demo site please contact us. Used stock image ID list will be provided separately.

You can submit a support ticket to them here.

Yes, I assumed so. I just wasn’t sure where to find them! Thank you for the quick response. If I join the subscription package, are they in that?

It’s hard to say, at the moment only the author and whoever requested the list knows where to get the images.

So within the zip, there is a list of the stock image ID’s? While I have you, is it possible to see what’s included in the membership before signing up? Not to use anything without purchasing but just to get an idea? :smile:

Hannah - why would you want to use “images” on a photography website which were not your own photographs? The images on all templates/themes are used for example viewing of any theme - how it would or could look like.

it’s a wedding website and just because

You just need to contact the author through the link I gave you (, then they will give you a list of all the stock images they used and where you can get them.

You can browse everything that Envato Elements (subscription service) offers. Here is the photo category.


Thank you so much for your help!

Hello, used stock photos are stored with original stock ID. Once you imported demo data please check out your Media library where you can have each photo’s ID code and purchase via shutterstock. Please contact us for all your questions via

Thank you.