Game rejected.. Help

Hi everyone!
My game was rejected because of 'isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward’
Can you please help me about standard.
What do I need add to my project?
Thank you

How you made this game? Do you use any game engine?

Which category of envato upload your game? CODECANYON -> HTML5?
Do you add help document inside?

Another issue here is the music background you use, you need to have license for this track.
The best solution is to use your graphics/music/sfx or use assets with free license. IMPORTANT!


Thank you for your reply!
No engine
Do you know where can I find some template for help document?
Game is very easy and I don’t know what exactly I should write
Music - I have 2 tracks,
1 with free licence
Where should I put information about the licence?
2 - will check, thank you

In codecanyon mostly we upload templates…

… No just a game to play buyers. But if you develop your game in some framework it’s ok, but use your code, don’t copy source codes from other games. I don’t say 'you did that", just an important detail about.

Now, about document, no need to use some special document… Create a text, doc, whatever, tell some words about your game, the gameplay, how people can replace the graphics, logo, audio, etc… That’s all!

If you have license for music or graphics, just create another text, whatever and give information and link where you get it…

Good luck!

Thank you!