Game rejection over documentation and pre-game tutorial

So I have 191 games published on Codecanyon.
documentation was never an issue until last couple of months when 2 new reviewers started reviewing HTML5 Construct 2/3 games.

They keep giving me headache over the documentation needing improvements, so i did over and over until it has all there is to add, after all this they started soft rejection again but for what?

“1. Please make sure your documentation is related to your current game.”

i use a premade documentation that has all the necessary same information, nothing new to add except changing the name and replacing some images of the old game to the new game.

not only that, he asked me to:

“2. Please add a pre-game tutorial on what are the basic controls and rules that apply.”

what? all my 191 games i rarely added pre-game tutorial, so that’s new!

so i replied:

  1. the documentation IS related to the game, which part isnt?
  2. not all games must have pre game tutorial. i dont do that to my games. no complaints from buyers ever appeared. if this is a new rule from envato please show me the url

1 minute later i get hard rejection :slight_smile:

i just need to know does this happen with anyone else or is this reviewer trying to sabotage my work!?
because i cannot think of a solution to this documentation thing that he keeps adding new requests to!