Future Bass On Audio Jungle

Apologies to everyone for this post. I have been listening to some of the Future Bass submissions for the forthcoming contest and I have never been so excited by the standard already so far. I personally have not got a clue about this genre but so far what I have heard is brilliant. I wish I had some of this stuff but I would not know where or how to start. Thank you Envato for choosing this genre for the contest and bravo to all those who enter - Strength and Honour. :slight_smile:

Future bass is quite a hype these days. Made some but not good at it so will not enter the competition with my own productions. Good luck for all the entries :wink:

@gballx, here you go! haha :sunglasses:


I have now studied very carefully the video and I think I’ve got it. The only problem I have found is the twerking. Since I do not have denim cutoffs I wore my mankini although when I was practicing in my living room I was not aware of my nosey neighbours looking through my front window. I had difficulties explaining that to the local police.


Check @KickTracks future bass tracks, I became a fan instantly, really amazing production and ideas.