Is my song ready for acceptance?

Hi guys, please could you take a listen to my Future Bass track and let me know if you think its ready to be uploaded.

Its not letting me link my soundcloud but my profile name is Benjamin Shmukler, the song is called ‘A future bass’ uploaded recently

My first worry is that it is too loud and I need to adjust the mastering


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I’m not sure how future bass typically performs on this site, but it sounds good enough to me on first listen. It is kind of loud but I feel like with EDM that’s to be expected.

Benjamin Shmukler · A Future Bass

I don’t think the overall track is too loud but I feel like the kick could be just slightly less intense. It pops out a bit too much against the rest of the song and I’d maybe turn just the kick down a hair, but that’s just my opinion. Overall I think it’s really done and works really well as Dubstep background music, I don’t know how it will perform commercially on AudioJungle specifically but I know there is a high demand for this type of music so it should theoretically perform well.