Full version of my song!

Hello everyone. I already write message of this kind. But now i want to share full version with ALL commynity.My aria named “I Think We`re Dying”. This aria i wrote for my unfinished musicle named “Escape” six years ago.

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Very cool !!! I want to tell you , was exhibited here tracks with a watermark , the atoms you simply download, and then do not prove anything ) ) )

Hmmm. But even i have a project of a song?

Ok… So…I`m going to make a watermakr.Thanks.

Yes , but it you have no watermark, I have not long been familiar downloaded song in soundсloud , then gave a link to the forum envato , there are comments and praised the track ( why he was ive really good ) then he has uploaded on envato jungle and that this track is already loaded by another person , that’s not so lucky ( ( (

Ok. Thanks. Now its better. Thanks for advice.