The song you are doing now (video in progress)!

In this topic, I would like you to post videos of your projects you are working on right now! I’m sure it will be interesting not members only of the forum, but the team Envato too.

Show what DAW you use, how much effort you put into your project!! I think it will be very motivating for other authors! Furthermore, i have seen that some authors already are doing it in their accounts, and it’s cool! :slight_smile:

Secondly it will be an additional promotion of your song, portfolio etc.

Thirdly, the community authors can tell you immediately possible mistakes in your composition! This is will help you to fix them, so you will increase the approval chance! :slight_smile:
I think that all would benefit :slight_smile:

All the actions are simple:
1) Make a video of your working project on a cellphone
2) Put it to any network (youtube, vimeo, etc.)
3) Place a link to this topic

My “video in progress” of the newest song "Inspirational Cinematic"

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A great idea and nice track. I am also a user of Studio One :wink:

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Yes, i’m think that is will be very useful for all of us:) but it seems not everyone is interested :slight_smile: