Song name?

I need help to find song name or link on AudioJungle.

Thank you so much!

You got the preview file? Put the number here, maybe we can help you with that number.

It’s converted from video of one Envato author, but he doesn’t know. It’s pity when it doesn’t have a watermark, so that mean that it was purchased. And is RIP :frowning:

Then search in the emails, you must have the invoice.

Converted from video of another envato user. Yeh, that’s weird that he don’t know, maybe he using software to remove watermark, therefore he doesn’t have the invoice,… so Im asking if anyone knows the name of song, I think that it will be “a little” popular song, it sounds really good.

Or at least which genre is that. Ambient, Electronica or Drum&Bass? I’m not a professional. BPM is 127 (fast), everything what I know.

To be honest, i couldnt tell you. At leat i can say, drum&bass no.
I think it could fit in electronic, but when that bass appears it could be in rock/pop, maybe indie category. There is no more growth in that preview so i cant tell you more.
I don´t think that bass could fit in ambient, but sometimes i hear tracks there that they are not ambient.
It´s a little bit complicated for me with just 1 minute, maybe somebody else can help you.

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Thank you for your time @Manriquedelara at least.

Still searching and no result. It’s really pity that soundizer is dead, maybe someone know next one software as alternative. Maybe, someone know method(s) how to create new one soundizer.

This is a template probs cause I heard another song like this similar

Found it!