Frustrated rejection

Hello creators,

I feel very disappointed and I would like to share it with you. For a while, I have been trying to sell my items on graphicriver, but I always receive an email rejecting my submission, telling me that the item I sent is not up to the required quality level, without providing a clear reason for rejection. I always feel extremely frustrated when I receive this email.

Today, I want to share my latest rejected items with you and I hope you can help me understand the reasons for rejection. Are they really not of high quality, or are they just problems with organizing and arranging the files?

Rejected template link: PSD Steak House Restaurant Flyer Template - Google Drive

I am waiting for your help and thank you.

With few spacing issues, the idea is not bad but it’s not a premium item that a Graphic designer needs to purchase/pay extra for this design approach, it can be managed within 5 minutes


hi I think that what the main issue is that once u take out the steak picture, u have not much left in the main download file … this will restrain the commercial potential of the item and attractiveness to potential buyers . The global style looks super busy and I think that way texts are placed is not the right one as this is neither taking the z-lay into account, not having the main text elements being placed in focus zones , there are also spacing issues between white small texts and black ones and also problems as far as the hierarchy of information goes, since “order now” should be sort of considered as a “call to action button” and the phone number should be really valued if tech company wants the customer to place an order … the logo is misplaced, in the wrong side, too close from the edge, and is also not given space enough to be enlarged, to breathe and so on … finally your “flying ingredients” have no associated shadowing indeed