Rejected Review every time


I have sent several graphic design files and none of them have passed their review, but I have stored other files of other graphicriver members who have less quality and less creativity and have passed their review and are promoting on their page.

If you want to get feedback on your items, post them here. I find I’m not always able to judge my own designs as objectively as others, at least not until I get some distance from them and see them with fresh ideas. So there’s no harm in getting other people’s advice, they may see something you haven’t.

When looking at other items on the site, make sure they’re new uploads as older ones may not reflect the current quality standards required.

image this is one of the files

It’s not bad, but the typography could be improved. On the front page, the lower part with the small text looks a bit under developed. My eyes are drawn to the empty space above that. On the second page, some of the alignment looks not right to me, plus all the text being black probably isn’t best solution. Putting variation into the colour of text for the prices, sub headings etc would help with hierarchy and make it look more interesting. To me it looks like it could be approved with some more work.

Very well, but supposing that I make the arrangements that you advise me,
The rejection mail from them tells me that I can not re-upload this file for review.

What can I do in that case,

Thanks for your time and answers, ToivoMedia.

Don’t worry about that message, you can upload as long as you’ve made significant changes and think you have addressed the parts that weren’t good enough.

this is the new sample, please let me know if this is good…

The inner pages look better, but you definitely need to do more with the typography on the front page. Take a look at similar items already uploaded, you’ll find they do something more for the name of the restaurant than just putting a simple “logo here” place holder. The address and website text doesn’t look right to me either.

I’m going to create a logo for the cover to see how it goes

Do you think if I replaced the web address and phone, by social networks would be better?

I have another problem to a rejection of my design,
This is the copyimage