[Freebie] Track those sales! 💵💵💵

Good evening fellow authors,

I’ve just published Ticky, a free sales count tracker.

Ticky resizes with your browser window so you can set it to full screen on that big plasma you’ve got on your wall. It also features a tja-tjing sound so you’ll know when you’re making the big ones.


It makes use of Flip Counter to render the counter ( I bet you did not see that coming :upside_down_face: ) and works on all your modern devices.

If you for some reason don’t like browsers and are running OSX you can download Ticky for desktop here.

Feature requests? Let me know below!

Cheers! :beer:


Great job man :slight_smile:

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Good idea, simple works well.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve just uploaded an OSX desktop version (build with Electron ), you can get it here: http://bit.ly/ticky-desktop

Would there be any interest among authors to make have this available as a WordPress plugin?

This is a great tool out there. Wanted something like this to put on my big screen to motivate my team. Thanks!

I would be interested to make it as a WordPress plugin. What is your idea?


There is a bug in this tool. Sales are getting reversed. :smiley:

Hah oops :slight_smile: Will look into it!

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I’ve updated my message, I meant “have” instead of “make” :slight_smile:

If only I had enough sales to make use of this :slight_smile:

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One day! :slight_smile:

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