Free Web Hosting

Hi Experts,

  1. Is it allowed to use free web hosting for demo purpose?
  2. I would like to make video tutorials like ‘how to install wp’, ‘how to install the theme’ etc and these tuts will be included in my theme documentation. As the free web hosting cpanel and other options are quite different from the premium ones, does it cause any problem with releasing the theme in Themeforest?
  3. Could you please suggest me a free web hosting which has a cpanel similar to the premium web hosting?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Free hosting isn’t the issue though you might face downtime due to high volume of traffic which will impact on your sales.

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HI Guys

I am varun a codecanyon author. i have been thinking to help upcoming authors by providing free webhosting for their products. if you are interested you can contact me @ skype : varunsridharan23

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Free hosting is not banned but never a good idea due to slow load times, downtime, and in several cases they don’t allow you to load sites via an iFrame so the envato preview won’t work.

As for installation demos - most decent hosts have their own versions of this and in the interests of quality, accuracy and more than anything to avoid inevitable confusion (I guarantee you will get refund requests from people who can’t install the theme because their demo is different from your demo), I would focus on directing and people to these.

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Truth be told, I am too new a developer to buy a premium hosting at this moment. Now what will be the instant solution for me? I am undone… :frowning:

With respect if you are too new to development to have proper hosting then you are probably too new to be selling items here.

I’m all for people becoming authors here but it is a commitment in terms of time, skills, resources and tools.

Even shared hosting that is often less than $5 a month is lightyears ahead of the free hosts. If you want to be a painter then you need a brush, if you want to be a footballer then you need a ball - development has its requirements too.

If it’s not an option you can still use free hosting - we’ve just pointed out the pitfalls of that.

As for installation tutorials - honestly it’s a complete waste of your time. There’s no way of knowing what host or panel a buyer is using, or being able to cover all bases.

In all honesty I’d strongly suggest prioritising the design and dev of your theme over where it will be hosted pr tutorials at this point.

Good luck


Thanks much @charlie4282
Actually I have been learning web development for over three years and learning professionally of course. But I have used free hosting so far.

I have no international debit/credit card to buy a premium host.

Well, inshaAllah, I will buy one from our local market.

And thanks again for your well thought suggestions :slight_smile:

InshaAllah I am coming soon. (y)

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Oh!! One thing to get suggested!!

Would you please suggest which premium hosting would be perfect where I have most of the premium features that meet the needs of my potential buyers.
Extremely sorry to have bothered you again. :slight_smile:

And thanks again.

If you don’t want to spend a lot then there’s not a huge call between people like Bluehost, hostgator, etc

Obviously there are better alternatives butnwpuld cost a lot more

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Thank you so so so much, man :smile:

I use AWS EC2 free tier :wink:

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Free hosting is good if you don’t care about your site. Free hosting services don’t offer you good protection from DDoS attacks, a convenient admin panel and plugins that will expand the functions of your site. These three points are very important in the development of the site. I’ve been working with sites for 8 years and I can say that each site needs its own approach, which free hosting companies can’t provide. I’ve been using trusted hosting for years. Remember, if you want to earn money on your site, you will definitely need good protection and advanced functionality, otherwise you will not be able to maintain and develop traffic. Treat your site like a child and you will succeed! I use for my sites.

It’s a great way to end up with your work on warez sites, have a crappy customer experience, increased downtime, malware etc.

For the sake of a few $ a month the hosting giants like GoDaddy, Blue etc. are worth it.

You don’t have to invest in the proper premium ones