is the free web hosting is accepted for html templae preview?

hi all, i’m wondering if i create a html template and upload it on a free webhosting for the preview like eb2a, is that accepted or i should upload my template on paid web hosting?

It’s allowed (except if it has those annoying pop ups) BUT you will regret it.

Slow loading, downtime etc. Can destroy your sales

Agree with @charlie4282 free hosting is always slow and full of problems. I know a guy he is offering hosting for $10 per year. Many clients of mine purchased hosting plans from him. If you want i can give you his website link.

not all free hosting are slow, but the main problem is that most of the free hosting companies are adding banners popup or not … and I don’t think this is allowed.

Banners may be confusing for clients. They might think that the banners are part of the theme.

If you want I can give you my hosting company ( starting from 0.5euro/month without db and 1 euro with db )