Free resources for authors - please help add to this list

There are a lot of free resources out there, aimed at helping people in small businesses and creative industries. Everyone, in every industry sector around the world, is under a lot of strain during the current crisis. I’d like to start a list of resources that can help all the creators out there.

We’re looking for products and services (software, subscriptions) and training resources that can help you to run your businesses. If you’ve spotted something that could help, please add it to this thread. I’ll edit those in to the first post, so we can make these links easy to navigate. Similarly, if you try a link and it no longer works, let us know so we can keep the list up to date.

Obligatory disclaimer: We can’t vouch for any of the offers here, though we’ll attempt to verify that there is a free service or product available when adding new items to the top of the thread. Links promoting directly competing products (e.g. free stock files from a competing marketplace) won’t be permitted, for obvious reasons.

General-purpose resources

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is offering 2 months free on existing subscriptions, though it doesn’t seem to be directly advertised. There are instructions here for accessing it. Students and educators who normally use Creative Cloud on campus can also request free “at home” access here.

  • Affinity Creative Suite is offering a free 3 month trial of their Designer, Photo and Publisher products, which are strong contenders as alternatives to Creative Cloud. Find more about it here.

  • Skillshare has a range of different offers at the moment - you can see the full list here.

  • 1Password has removed trial limits, so you can use the Business plan free for 6 months.

Video resources

  • is a multi-platform post-production collaboration service. They’ve added 2TB of extra storage for all paid accounts. More info here.

Audio resources

  • Native Instruments is giving away their Analog Dreams synth until the end of March. More info here.

  • Plugin Alliance has extended their demo period from 14 days to 30 days and reset all accounts so you can re-demo plugins if you’ve already tried them. No info on site, but confirmed from customer emails. Find out more here.

Web Development and Web Design resources

  • PostStatus has a good roundup of discount offers (with a few free ones) aimed at the WordPress community. It’s a very long list - check it out here.

Training resources (online learning, conferences and other materials)

  • Tuts+ currently has 48 free courses available, covering everything from Illustrator to WordPress. You can see the list of free courses here.

  • An Event Apart has made all their 2019 session videos free online. Lots of good design resources - you can see the full list here.

Please add to this list in the thread below, and help us to keep it updated!

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