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Is it possible to download musics just for test and then purshase the best one?


Hi, you can download the preview version by clicking the icon on the far right hand side of the play bar. This way you can see how it fits in with your project.

Just be sure to keep track of the author’s page you download it from so you know where to go back to purchase the item. Some artists will include ID3 tags in their preview files which will help with locating the author’s page later on.


I have seen the icon you are talking about but when I click this icon I do not download a mp3 version. (it is a document…) Could you advise me how to use it please?


Hmm. Not too sure on that issue. When I left-click on that icon in either Chrome or FireFox, I immediately see the ‘Save as’ option appear with ‘preview.mp3’ defaulting as the file name.

Not sure if it’s a browser related issue. Anyone else have a suggestion to help Houlonne out with this issue?


Thank you for your answer, I’ve find the solution ! The issue was coming from my computer…
Thank’s a lot !!


Now I know to include the ID3 tags with my preview file, thank you for that bit of very useful info! :slight_smile: