Free Alter Ego synth singing a classical music piece (Dido's Lament)

For anyone who is interested, check this out!

It’s a video I created of Alter Ego (from Plogue) singing "Dido’s Lament"
Considering it’s a free vocal synth, I think it did a pretty good job.

oh my … sound so cheap man… i would not consider it as “pretty good job” synth…

Why so cynical? (using my joker voice).
For what it is (a free vocal synthesizer which sings the lyrics you type) I think it did a decent job. Anything beyond that, I think it’s crap (if you want to analyze the “pure” sound of it). It’s meant for electronic music I’m sure. It does have a certain character, though. I like it.
Anyway, what impressed me mostly about it with Dido’s Lament was that it sang all of the syllables and words at the right time (when compared to a real performer). Beyond just typing in the lyrics, I did not do any other programming in order for it to do that. The sound, yeah, kind of cheap, but the timing and accuracy of the changes was what impressed me.

may be…may be… this is nice tool just for fun… just for playing around with it… but if you want something more from this instrument i’d avoid it IMHO

I think it is ‘‘beautifully ugly’’:slight_smile: If you make some mentally distorted music from time to time (music not for business) and have some ideas and experimental nature you might make something interesting out of it.