"Allegro Agitato" choir, real or VST?


A little while ago I received some new VST-instruments. I know Two Steps From Hell use them in alot of their tracks. Allegro Agitato, by Thomas Bergersen, being one of them. When I first heard that song, and still actually, I was totally blown away. How on earth… (I didn’t even think about real orchestra vs software back then, was just blown away by the song itself). Well, now that I know that most instrumentation, if not all, is done through VSTs, I decided to start working on a reproduction of that song, so to match it as close as possible. From the ground up. This in order to learn my new VSTs. It’s a bloody challenge, I’ll tell you that, but hey, I can’t stand it when I know there are people out there who have a better skill in something I love to do. It’s time to raise the bar for me. And I do stuff like this, analyze it, see what they’ve precisely been doing, to learn. And while learning, you might just as well learn from one of the best.

Anyway: in the song there’s choirs to be heard. Now I have been experimenting with two virtual choir VSTs, and while I can get pretty close to it, it doesn’t really cut it. Now I was wondering: am I doing something wrong, do I need to apply even more detail/finesse/tweaking or is the choir in the original song a real human choir?

Here’s a link to the original song on YouTube:

btw. besides the choirs, I’m a little worried I will cut it with the strings. I’m only using EWQL Hollywood Strings Gold-edition, which does not include divisies and the various mic-positions like the Platinum-version does, which I’m sure is used by mr. Bergersen.

Hi there,

as Thomas works pretty close with EWQL it is very likely that he used
Symphonic Choirs on this one. You can achive similar results with the Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection as well, it’s just 549$ atm! :slight_smile:
But this kind of projects need hours and hours of tweaking to sound this way!


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I figured it would take loads of time. I actually spend the past 5 days, about 8 hours per day on it. I’m satisfied, for now. This morning I finally started to work on the instrumentation. Will see how the choirs fit it once I get that far (if ever). Overall it’s an awful lot of work indeed to get everything to sound just right. From the spicatto violins to the horns and everything. The next challenge for me is those harp glissandos in the very beginning. But, will make it work, SOMEHOW haha. Already learned so so much :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your reply :slight_smile: