Have I lost it ? Reject :-|

Is it to cheesy ?

Thanks fellow artists for lending your ear and opinion.


Hi, at the very beginning and further irritate the solo synth, and in general the timbres like drums and synths all not very good, and the overpriced high frequencies.


They REALLY (and i mean it) need to include this in their helping reject list. People mixing on decent monitors and their high freq sound just right, but it’s not suitable for AJ market. Most of the tracks here is very bass-mid thick and tiny on high freqs. It’s just not making any sense why they don’t include it. Anyway i need to agree with @MikhailGraydMusic melody is not catchy and comfortable enough, but your rhythm party sounds alright in my opinion. Don’t afraid to make your song shorter to get rid of excessive repetitions. Other than that i dunno what to say. Just try another track, maybe more luck next time? :wink: Cheers!


Hello friend,
I saw 3 things here :

  1. You should use real electric guitar or pluck synth sound with stereo delay to make your main theme melody not sound cheap. Or you can use muted guitar samples.
  2. You boot a lot of high frequencies => hash sound, edge sound. You can make it smoother. I love your drum sound.
  3. The hook is too messy. All the instrument seem fight each other. Less is more friend.
    Hope it help you. Nice day friend.
    Take a listen to this track :

Thanks. So … I didn’t lost it - just went wrong direction (I hope so).
This video you’ve sent - you are star. You just made my week.
@FireLast - thanks for input.
@MikhailGraydMusic - you right - that arpeggio is bit … week.

Whole thing came from excitement of Goliath library from EastWest - I bought it and tried to add as much as I can into this little project and I concentrated more on little things without looking at bigger picture.

Thanks everyone.

Yeah, just clean it up a bit, fix the frequencies issue and you’ll be good to go.