Flyer sales only

Never been a graphic designer or even thought i would like to be one. Started to play around with Photoshop a bit, liked it, then joined Graphicriver. I didn’t really expect much or even to have item excepted. Anyway i did get items excepted and sometime later i saw some things here that i didn’t like and decided that was the end of my graphic designer career at Graphicriver. (thanx envato) My point is: my last 3 flyers have notched sales of 82. has anyone achieved this or better? WONDER WHAT I COULD OF DONE OVER THIS LAST YEAR IF I KEPT ON DESIGNING. be proud envato you may give greatness to some authors but you have killed others. Also i see experianced authors here with a string of ("ZERO’S) NOT JUST ON LAST 3 SALES BUT THROUGH OUT THE LAST PAGE … why do you even bother? have yo know limit to what you prepared to take from this company