Flyer rejected. How can I improve it? HELP PLZ

Hello guys. This was my first attempt on submitting a design. I don’t know exactly why I got rejected, maybe you can help me to fifure it out.

This is how the image preview ZIP file looks.

This is how the main file looks.

What do you guys think?

HEEELP. I have no clue about what I did wrong

First of all you don’t include a preview file in the zip. Only important files.
Other than that it looks a bit dark, only a bit. Maybe the event word is too simple too.
Otherwise is good

Thanks! I’m going to apply your recommendations. But I’m afraid I’m missing something worst than that little details, because in the message it says that my submission was to far away from the envato standards.

Also, I used a free stock photo from a web called pexels. Can it be an inconvenient? Maybe I should make my own photos.

if you have permission to use it legally then its ok but if not then try to put something yours, and include many info like fonts used etc