Space Party Flyer Rejected

My design is rejected and would like to know what can be the reason.
We all appreciate a little help, I am very new here.image

Yes, @esvaiven, pretty good for a first try, or second?


• You cannot use social media icons with flyers, at least not now, (click on my avatar for examples)!

• And the lower text is hard to read, l would put a dark gradient behind that.

• And do a bit more with the 27th Sat… part?

I can’t really say if resubmitting is a good idea, l tend to overhaul the background at least to be safe.

And if you do make sure to change the file name, resubmitting with the same name as last time, can create a bug that will make Envato receive the same rejected file as last time, and could damage your credibility?

Well, maybe they have fixed it, but l wouldn’t chance it!

:palm_tree: :sunglasses:

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Anything space gets my vote! I think the kerning is a bit loose on the main text though… would probably look better if the letters were a bit tighter together. Due to the font, that means that some parts will have to overlap, but I think that could work well. Apart from that, I think it looks really good.

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for me, this is a good one indeed, i would just recommend that try to make something to make sure that the footer is a bit more readable indeed , as Tmcom / Shane mentioned , otherwise, i would make sure that the space between the lines in the footer are equally placed

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De verdad tu comentario me ha sido muy útil.
Para la próxima me asegurare de no cometer los mismos herrores de todas maneras pienso venir al foro para evitar un nuevo rechazo.

Gracias !
Y perdon si mi redacción no es la mejor.

They have helped me a lot!
Thanks for taking the time

Your comment has really been very helpful .
For the next I’ll make sure not to make the same herrores anyway I think to come to the forum to avoid another rejection.

Thank you !
And sorry if my writing is not the best .

Welcome @esvaiven, and l don’t read Spanish, (Google Translate) although l got Gracias, (watched a lot of Speedi Gon Zalas).

Your writing is pretty good.

¡Buena suerte! :airplane: :palm_tree: :sunglasses: