Flyer got rejected, please help


New submission is reject b y Envato team with no useful feedback other than the usual “Not Meeting Our Standards” comment. Can any one help to improve and submit something that can be accepted for once. Can I resubmit after making changes to my designs?

hi , spacing is not appropriate on top of the flyer … u need to move all contents down and let the item “breath” at this stage , this is as if u have huge traffic jam on the canvas lol
i personally do not like much serif fonts that u used for the main body of the flyer but nmaybe this is ok all the same … but the title for sure is lacking relief in a way as the font is very flat
i believe that having texts crossing images is just not a good idea, it bring harmony down in my view and it does not help to read indeed
icons are a bit simple and common, it would not hurt if u introduced something a bit more worked out and original
if i were u i would take out the “about us” paragraph and push icon and information to the left side and try to save some space vertically to make sure that u can give some breathing to the whole flyer …