Flatsome parent update or not?

:white_check_mark: I have the Flatsome theme active on my website.
I am happy.

I have the 2 versions, the “child” one and the “parente” one.

The active theme is the parent one.

The question is:

I have been told not to keep the parent one active because with the updated I will lose all my settings.
Is that true?
Should I switch to the child theme and then get the update?

Any help is welcome.
The website is www.revenue.land but I guess you don’t need it to answer.

Please be patient if the question is too “basic” for you but I am not an expert, yet.

yes true.

yes it is better to active child theme and do all customization work in child theme. So that when you will do update the theme (parent theme) your customization will not loss.


It is a great answer, thank you, I will follow your advice mgscoder

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