Flatsome Theme Backup - Without overiding custom changes

Hi There, im fairly new at all of this, i have found some guides about updating flatsome theme without overiding my changes made to my site, but i have failed in following the steps required. I really need some guidance please, as im struggling to update my theme without destroying my site. It happened last night, and i started to redo the changes, mainly affecting header, logo, menus, footer, background images, and page colours. But then gave up due to the time required, and my lack of knowledge getting around the options to update. So had my host kindly restore to a earlier point. But they were not happy to do so. I would appeciate any help. Updating to the latest 3.3.5 theme. Thanks

If you’re OK with paid support, I could help you:

Needing to learn it myself…hopefully someone can guide me to a good online articule. thanks anyway


First of all, as you know, when you purchase an item from ThemeForest, you also get 6 months support included. Use them to ask the author of Flatsome how to easily upgrade the theme without losing the changes. You can do it by following this link https://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319/support

Secondly, here is my personal advice…before making upgrades to your theme/plugin, use your file manager (from hosting’s cPanel) to backup your site (archive all your files in a zip). And also export the .sql database from your phpMyAdmin.

Just in case you lose something while upgrading the theme, simply use the backup to restore the site… Simple as that :sunny:

Good Luck!

Good morning, I need Ostrya demo content for wordpress. Please and thank you.

Are you using the Flatsome theme?

If yes first of all read their documentation to see how to import that demo.

Secondly use the link below to contact the author of the theme if you can’t find necessary info into the documentation


Thank you for the help

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Hi again. Thanks you for your replies. I’ve read a size update guides and they all seemed too complicated, for a simple update. I’m not modifying any code, other than what the theme builder adjusts. So I believe I’ve not been able to find the right guide.
From the start I chose to install a child theme.

This is what I did today, and it seems to have worked. Was actually simple, but couldn’t find a guide for it.

I simply deleted the main theme folder thru file manager. I then downloaded and installed the latest flatsome theme 3.3.5. And that was it.

Is the right or wrong method?

Every guide I’ve found, shows a completely different process. Why?

Yes flatsome theme 3.3.5 now