First logo submission : rejected, can you tell me why ?

Hello everyone.Kindly as the post is titled, I submitted my logo 7 days ago, and it’s been rejected today, actually, I tried to follow all kinds of tutorials and guidelines on how to submit the logo template correctly, and now the admins or reviewers didn’t even tell me what’s wrong with the whole submission, it was just “rejected”. Can you help me with your feedback please?

It is too flat and it has nothing to compete with other fish logos in the market. You need a catching idea maybe a smart logo. Also the fish idea is overdone there are already over 800 fish logos so you need something really WOW

hi i personally believe that this is not bad but the thing is that u have a collection of things to fix so that your item can hit the next level …

1- typo
for me this is rather flat , this is lacking variations, font combinations and definitely introducing some touch of originality somehow some way would help …

2- imbrication
for me there is an issue about it, it seems to me that the positioning of the text related to the illustration in the vertical version can definitely been improved this notion is sort of more or less related to the next point

3- spacing
pls make sure that the spacing between the text and the illustration is coherent and also between the name and the tagline, too

4- lack of punch
i guess the shades of the same colors are a bot responsible for this , in normal time, this is rather good to do so but the thing is that here , depending on context it can also somehow underline a slight lack of relief or punch of the item

5- contrast
this is much of an issue as this is a basic design principle. Well the fact of the matter is that “logo” is hardly visible or readable as such … when this should not only be easy to read but it should pop out too

6- tagline
the positioning of the tagline could be improved and same goes with the proportion of to as regard to the name … at the moment the name is prevailing a little bit too much all the same …


Okay thank you everyone for such help.
You’re awesome.

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u are welcome , if u have enough clues to get to know how to take your game to the next level pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: