First Hard reject. Want suggestions for improvement ?

Hello all,
After 20 days wait we got first soft reject with autor pricing update notice from reviewer. after set those price and submit again we got Hard Reject on 2days wait time.

So i dont know how its all review being made by Envato’s reviewer team??

Only Hard reject mail without any instructions.

No problem better doing next time.

Here is a Item demo :

I uploaded in Marketing category from HTML in Themeforest.

Want improvement suggestions from best authors at Envato as well as Best designer too.


Hello @imithemes
Are you have any suggestions for improvement on my design ?? or This design is really a wrost design for Hard Reject??


I still not got any reply from Envato forums. Hey guys give me some suggestions


Let me try :slight_smile:

You made a very good start, and kinda like it but at the same time I see a lot of minor issues. I agree with the rejection.

  • The cover image is very nice and have the premium feel to it. But the text within the buttons isn’t properly centered.
  • There is no spacing at the logo in the header navigation. Also, typography can use some more attention, personally don’t like the combination off letter-spacing and font-size. And the ellipsis icon at blog page is bad UX in my opinion, I couldn’t guess its functionality beforehand.
  • The use of icons; I see two sets of icons being used and for me they don’t fit together. The use of font-awesome in this use-case gives the page a generic feel. And try to be consistent sometimes a thin-line border is being used and then an odd shaped thick border for the next section.
  • Section heading feels off, needs more bottom margin. And think the line is too far from the h2.
  • I saw a section, which has text aligned left and button float right, which causes some visual tension.
  • Footer is too vibrant in my opinion
  • General typography!

Note: I have not looked into code quality and responsive.

It is a long list and don’t want you to think I am bashing your design and it’s bad. It is not, I can see the visual language you only need a higher attention to detail!

Hope this helps!

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Hello @_eightmad

Thanks for your suggestions.You are perfectly right about minor issue of typography as well as Header Logo and spacing issues. Thanks again for your pre ious feedback. I’ll surely take care it on my next submission.


Great, hope it helps in your next submission.