Why my theme have hard rejection? i want to know my faults to correct it ?

I’ve just had a hard reject and I dont understand what’s wrong with my theme.
This is HTML landing page theme


Can anyone tell me want wrong with it?
Please help me

Hi ,

1- You need to work more on typography and white spaces .
2- Intro section need a lot of work … It looks really outdated and the typography is really bad .
3- Some sections are alienated from the overall design … e.g Testimonials .
4- Also some elements looks really ugly … For example , Skills section icons , Footer background pattern .

Good luck .

Hello @Hozaifa_Dev

Almost 90% authors are failed first time on its first item. That’s not i saying - I go through envato forum and analyze it deeply. Envato is no 1 service provider company in 2016 and through that we can easily think its a one type of standard required for every product which is in Envato.
So my mean is that do it more practice on your item which you failed to put on 1’st item. So 1’st rejection is not a rejection its a lesson for your next item.

  1. Your design concept is very good but need to improve all the things which @MontuThemes suggest.

  2. I also recommend to see other author’s premium item and compare to yours also. Its far away from envato standards

  3. Improve Typography [most important for ay design], Design concept, Color combination, Images used, Animation effects, LOGO, Responsive version, Browser tested, Valid code, Proper Documentation. That’s the factor is need to improve

Thanks and Regards,
Exclusive author at Envato

  • Concept is quite generic and over done, it needs something more unique/multi page version etc.

  • typography needs work throughout

  • footer needs rethinking especially those icons which appear very lost

  • Inconsistencies throughout with padding, spacing etc

  • Images look pixelated

  • lacks hierarchy e.g. multiple skills/services sections feel like they are there for the sake of having them rather than a purpose