First file upload help

Hello Envato Authors.
I need one help from you guys. I was uploaded One Professional Design Resume 10 Days Ago. Envato Reject this file due to quality standard. This is my first project. Please Help me to upload my first item on Envato.I need skype assistance for this. please help me guys. It will be very thankful. my skype id : “anoop_studio”

It’s impossible to give you any advice without seeing what you submitted. You need to share your preview image if you want to get any feedback

you mean whole file ?


Please check it

In general, I like it. It looks professional enough. The presentation is also pretty.

The mistakes that I personally see::
All text blocks are too close to the edges. Especially to the edges of the sheet. Everything looks squeezed. (green markers)
There are problems with alignment: why is the distance between the site and the phone less than between the phone and the email? (yellow markers). “work experience” and “education” blocks are not on the same line (red markers)
The distance between the first row of icons and the second row of icons is biger than the distance between the entire block with icons and the “hobbies” line (orange markers)

But fixing all of these errors does not guarantee that this resume will be approved next time. Despite the fact that your resume looks pretty good, perhaps the reason for the rejection was also the lack of originality. I mean that the market is oversaturated with similar resumes. Reviewers don’t want to approve what is already on the market, no matter how good it is. You always need to introduce something new into your work, something original, something fresh, something unique, something modern and trending.
Good luck :slight_smile: