Help me to post my first project on Envato

Hello Envato Authors.
I need one help from you guys. I was uploaded One Professional Design Resume 10 Days Ago. Envato Reject this file due to quality standard. This is my first project. Please Help me to upload my first item on Envato. I will be very thankful.

Hi! :slight_smile:
If you want to get any feedback, you should show your “Professional Design” here


hi indeed, as @romlam mentioned, pls post your item and let u see so that we can try to help u efficiently. At this stage we can only provide u with general advice, still useful, but not enough for u to potentially know what was wrong with this item in particular. Though be conscious, as u are a newcomer and do not have thus repetitive issues, that most of the wrong things are about typography and that most of the rejections are due to this and insufficient hierarchy of information

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Please Share Your Email ID. I Will Email You.

Thanks for Reply. Please share your Email ID I Will Email you.

Just attach your item here. This way more people can give you their advice.

Please Check File

Please check file

and help me to sort this.

hi indeed for me u have a small issue of alignment on the left hand side as u flagged the texts and blocks in the center but the profile zone is flagged on the left, which is not really completely coherent. I assume that u should also try to justify the text so that this is adapting to the zone on both sides indeed, so that it makes a “square” if u wish. Besides maybe u should try to consider also for the right part , too
after that u have a small issue of contrast as some of your texts are hardly readable (the blue ones on white BG). Finally all is clean in terms of typo (and globally about hierarchy) but maybe they are expecting u to introduce a bit originality and make titles pop up a little bit more indeed, at least i tend to believe so

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Thanks Indeed for your valuable suggestions.