First corporate track - first rejection

Hi :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask you about some feedback as my first song has been rejected :frowning:

Please could you help my what is not right with my composition or mix ? :slight_smile:
This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.


Overall, the track sounds nice to my ears.
To my opinion, the most problem part is drums: hi-hat sounds quite strange, there’s too much unnatural dynamic in it, I’d advice you too change the whole hi-hat’s pattern. Also, snare probably sounds too dark, and I didn’t like the hard panning of crashes. Some of other parts besides drums have some contentious issues here and there, but it’s all subjective, and, again, I think drums seems like the most problem part to me.

I’m not a pro in corporate music at all, so I think other more experienced Junglers will help you more.

Anyway, good luck with it!

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