Figma Web Template Design

Hello everyone, I’m Rashed. I’m a designer.
I am very frustrated with my design.
My website template was recently rejected. The template was made in Figma. It has been said in the mail It’s not a quality standard design. I would like to know more about the design quality standards of the themeforest marketplace. Please provide a link to the design-related quality standard.

There can’t be definitive design requirements because things like typography, hierarchy, construction are subjective and best practice.

As long as an item is:

  1. unique
  2. adheres to best practice design and/or code,
  3. offers premium features/functionality I.e. more than a freebie download
    Then it should be approved

Share a preview image of your item here if you want feedback

I shared the link to my work, please let me know where it went wrong.

Set - 1

  1. 02 Screenshot — Red Pen
  2. 04 Screenshot — Red Pen
  3. 06 Screenshot — Red Pen

Set - 2

  1. 03 Screenshot — Red Pen
  2. 05 Screenshot — Red Pen
  3. 07 Screenshot — Red Pen

Unfortunately there is nothing unique with your design. There are many similar designs already approved.

Thank you