Feedbacks Appreciated! Hard Rejected Mobile-Blog Theme


Actually topic summarizes all.
I appreciate any kind of help and I am pretty open to cruel critics :slightly_smiling:
Of course it’s designed for mobile viewers, so it has a lot of impurities in desktop view.
You can view it here;
IO - Mobile Mini-Blog Theme


Your design is too basic problem typography, colors, paddings, follows, etc, your patience need learn more better professional for accepted your first sell :slightly_smiling:



Thank you @JeriThemes for feedback! You are completely right about typography. Also yes I agree with colors too!
I wanted to create something different from current trends in web and I believe this theme is different in most ways. Since most of the mobile themes looks exactly same.
I didn’t spend much time on styling and creating pages because I was unsure about if a theme like this will get accepted or not.
I also want know if you think this theme worth working on or not ?


Your can see for example website as see as professional but your can make a idea design but NOT COPY DESIGNS