Feedback on why my plugin perform so badly in sales



Hi all, I am a bit clueless now and any advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve published a plugin ( which tries to provide some useful features for a very common WP issue “Error Establishing a Database Connection”.

I’ve spent a lot of time to polish the product/images and drafted the content according to Envato/SEO guideline. I’ve gone through around 30 articles which discuss this, trying to approach the author or just to leave a comment to promote the tool a bit. Besides, I also spent time to regularly share the info on relevant Facebook groups, specifically to somebody who might need this tool.

However, 4 months since I publish the tool, I just receive 3 sales so far. May I know if this is what most of the new Envato developers encounter? Or if there is any problem in my product listing/strategy that causes this? Thanks for your time & comment if any.