Feedback on a rock track

Hello! Before I upload this track I would love to get some feedback on it. What do you guys think about the mix?

I think its a solid mix, maybe bring the BUVs up a tad and enhance the stereo image a bit.

I think the mix is excellent. I must say though, it sounds like a rip-off of the best selling “Energetic Indie Rock” by @AurusAudio

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Cool, thanks for the input!

I was indeed inspired by that song (I mean it’s an awesome song!), the arranging is quiet similar. However the chords and melodies are different, right? Is this uncool of me?

What do you think @AurusAudio? I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.


Hi @VividSongs!

Nice track. There are definitely similarities, but it’s not close enough to be breaking any rules or copyright, so I’d say you’re all good :slight_smile: . You’ve got a different chord progression, and a different melody so as far as I’m concerned it’s a unique track. The only parts where it starts to get similar is the section at 1:40 and the vocal hook sharing a similar style, but again the melody is one of your own, so it’s still fine.

I actually heard a ripoff of my track yesterday which was genuinely a soundalike, and I’m considering reporting it - but rest assured it’s far closer to mine than yours is :wink:

Anyway thanks for letting me know. Good luck with sales!



You’re the best!

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