2nd Upload Attempt - Feedback Appreciated! :-)

This is my second track I’ve created to upload to the rock category and I’d love to hear your feedback or critiques before I submit. Thanks to whoever can take some time to listen!

Hi :wink:

Too muddy, too much resonance, especially during the first 5 seconds, the composition is very good, I like it personally, but there is a problem in production, among other things the guitars sound terribly closed, this track is lacking air and high end overall.

The stereo scene seems too small.

So in my opinion the problems lie in the quality of production, I have nothing to fault when it comes to compositions

All the best :blush:

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Thanks @WIDE-VIEW! I think the resonance might be a problem with the pianos and guitars clashing in the reverb. I will investigate.

When you say the guitars are closed, are you talking about them in general? As in the slide guitar parts and the staccato parts? And do you mean the compression is too heavy handed? I did want the staccato to be very plastic and plucky sounding, think Nile Rodgers.

I also panned the parts fairly liberally; the only things in the middle are the drum close mics, piano, and bass. I will look at the high end and room; I tried to reference some tracks here on Audiojungle for overall brightness and thought it was close.

Thanks again for your feedback!

If you can send me a link with the track on google drive (i will download it and analyse properly)

tomorrow, but maybe wait for someone else to give more feedback

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I think the major problem lies in the mix and the over-use of reverb.

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Thanks @Audioland. I do have a love of over using reverb. I also realized I had a linear phase EQ on my master bus where it shouldn’t have been so I think it was causing some resonance. Oh well. I made some edits and submitted but on to the next track.