Need opinions on new track before I upload it

Wanted to get your opinions and first impressions, what vibe/feeling do you get when you hear this? Having a hard time thinking of a name for this one lol.

And do you hear anything that needs adjusted or changed? Thanks for the feedback!

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Cool!! I like it, i had a pleasure to hear it! :+1: I don’t feel the need to change something, as it is very well composed!!! Good Luck!!! :fist: :wink:

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a nice ambient track, well done


Thanks guys!

piano is little to loud in some moments - for me, but overall … very nicebut let see what taste reviewer have :slight_smile:

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Nice composition!

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I like it!
Hope it sells well :]

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Nice work! I like it!
I’m working on a track that kinda has the same vibe.
I’m new here, and I heard some pretty amazing songs, very impressed overall, hopefully I can keep up with the standards!

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Thanks for the feedback! Any ideas for a title? Can’t really pinpoint the vibe of this track so having a hard time thinking of a name :weary:

I would have worked on the piano at the beginning of the track. But in general, it sounds good!

Nice work Good Luck :slightly_smiling:

What do you mean by worked on? I haven’t uploaded the track yet so things can be changed :wink:

Really nice track, RockitPro. Congrats!

For what it’s worth, I agree the piano sounds like it needs some volume riding…for example at 0:39, it would be nice to hear that acoustic arpeggio a bit more, but the piano seems to drown it out. The piano may also benefit from a small amount of reverb (just some room ambience) IMO. Otherwise I think your production and writing is really good.

Good luck!

Thanks, love feedback like that. I’ll make some adjustments to the piano, easy fix!

And I played that on the keyboard, no arps :wink: Wish I could play a real guitar like that though.