Feedback about Regular and Extended license.

Hello dear Envato authors,

I have a question becouse i didnt find a such a explain in Envato Knowledge and Support does not respond to my ticket.

Can i limit features of one product for Regular and Extended license.
I mean to give some features in regular license and if user bought some script with Extended license, to give him more features? I do not want to break the rules of Envato market for this i want to ask for feedbacks.

Best Regards.

No. The regular .v. Extended license is about how the item is used rather than the features included.

If you want to do this then you need to sell the advanced features as a separate item or add-on

Thank you!

One more question. Can i sell a features for item if item is available in envato market but feature (plugin) are not available for sale in envato? I mean to make direct sale of additional plugins?

Not as an exclusive author which your account is

Hmm so strange. On envato Exclusivity Policy says other. Check attachment point 3. Im available to offer plugins for my item with my personal website.

What you think?

I could have it wrong - best option is to ask support Envato Authors Help and Support

i contacted them before 1 week. no response…